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What is Zimstake?

It is just for fun (so please do not be offended or hurt by anything below).
There will be no hype from me, no pushing for exchanges or miners.
I will maintain and support this coin! However, it is just a little fun for me and hopefully anyone else who decides to join.
That being said, I still take my development duties seriously, and do not mind others profiting from this coin and having fun at the same time!

Release date: April 27th, 2014


  • Block Time: 60 seconds
  • Difficulty Re-target: every block
  • Confirmations on Transactions: 12
  • Confirmations on Mined Blocks: 125
  • Min transaction fee: 0.00005 ZS
  • Fees are paid to miners
  • P2P port: 12125, RPC port: 12126
  • Algo: SHA-256
  • Block reward: 512 ZS
  • Max height: 12512 (a little over 8.5 days)
  • Total POW Coins: 6.406.144 (6.4 million or so)
  • Stake Interest: 12% annually (FOREVER!!)
  • Min stake age: 12 hours, no max age
  • Total Coins: 60 - 70 million after 10 years