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What is Traincoin?

After this whole mess of new crypto-currencies, we aim to bring you a new fast-paced, rewarding currency! Traincoin will variable block rewards, which encourage people to get on as soon as possible! Block subsidy will increase at first, and then drop in variable amounts until it reaches a baseline of 0.05 XTN.

The subsidy has been well thought out on how to get many people interested in this currency. It starts off with low difficulty coins and the reward increases fast, resulting in a difficulty spike, and then the reward drops, furthering the difficulty spike, as well as spiking the price.

Block rewards are as follows:

(x is block height)

1<x<10000       => 75  XTN
10000<x<11000 => 120 XTN
11000<x<12000 => 140 XTN
12000<x<13000 => 160 XTN
13000<x<13500 => 200 XTN
13500<x<13750 => 250 XTN (I like to call these ‘Blocks of Inflection’, for obvious Calculus reasons  Wink )
13750<x<14000 => 200 XTN
14000<x<15000 => 160 XTN
15000<x<16000 => 140 XTN
16000<x<17000 => 120 XTN
17000<x<25064 => 50  XTN
25064<x<33128 => 20  XTN
33128<x<41192 => 10  XTN
41192<x<57302 => 2.5 XTN
x>57302           => 0.05 XTN (which is 21024 XTN per year)

The total number of coins in circulation will be 7 000 000, so this coin is relatively rare compared to other alts.

Release date: April 1st, 2014


  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Difficulty retarget: every 250 blocks (~5.2 hours)
  • blocks per day: 1152 (1.25 minute blocks)
  • Block rewards: vary (info below)
  • Total XTN: 7 000 000 XTN (7M)