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What is SiliconValleyCoin?

SiliconValleyCoin was designed to gear all the creative minds of the Silicon Valley towards Crypto Currencies. This coin is Premined 50%. SiliconValleyCoin will serve as a bridge between Silicon Valley innovation and the Crypto Community effectively by distributing our premined coins to certain zip codes surrounding the big tech companies of Silicon Valley.

Release date: March 18th, 2014


  • Proof of Work algorithm: Scrypt with N-Factor (use Vertcoin miner)
  • Total coins: 35,000,000 XSV
  • Premine: 48% to be Mail-Dropped in Silicon Valley. 2% to cover mailing, printing, and developer fees.
  • Coins per block: 35 XSV
  • Block target: 8 minutes
  • Difficulty adjustment: per block
  • Block reward halving Every Year
  • Mined coins mature in 90 blocks
  • p2p port: 13777 - RPC Port:17777