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What is WikiCoin?

WikiCoin is a new decentralized cryptocurrency that is based on open source Quark-concept of random 8 algorithm hashing function for CPU-only mining. It is designed to permit fast and secure digital transactions among people around the globe. WikiCoin intends to introduce a free quality service to manage online transaction payments internationally.
WikiCoin supports transparency and open source to maintain a sustainable and reliable digital transaction method. WikiCoin transactions are fast and they are notified by the network within few minutes. WikiCoin transaction process is secured by the miners who dedicate their computer processing power to maintain the network together. Every new and existing miner creates stability and strengthens the WikiCoin network.

Release date: February 2nd, 2014


  • Quark random 8 algorithm hashing funcion for CPU-only mining
  • Total number of 30,000,000 WikiCoins
  • Average of 30sec Block Generation
  • Block halving at 81,000 block
  • 50 WikiCoins Block Reward
  • Multiple-Step Hashing
  • 0,5% Pre-mine
  • P2P-Port: 18455
  • RPC-Port: 18456