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What is Whitecoin?

Whitecoin is an innovative, secure and energy efficient PoW/PoS coin. It uses a faster PoW distribution mechanism to distribute the initial coins, then after 10 days the coin is basically transferred to a pure PoS coin, where the generation of the coin is mainly through the PoS interests.

Release date: April 13th, 2014


  • Block Time: 1.5 Minutes
  • Difficulty Retarget: every block
  • Confirmations on Transactions: 7
  • Confirmations on Mined Blocks: 350
  • Fees: Minimum transaction fee of 0.00005 WC
  • Stake Interest: 2% annually
  • Secure and Open Source
  • Total Coins: 300,000,000
  • Block Reward: 30000
  • Total Blocks: 10000
  • POS After Block: 10000
  • Premine 0.78% for Dev support, and future development.
  • Port 15814 RPC Port 15815