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What is Vaultcoin?

Vaultcoin is a cryptocurrency with one major difference, Multipool Proof technologies. Without Multipools you can feel at ease without worrying about Multipools taking over the network. Over the years Multipools have been taking over coins. Vaultcoin can change this with a Secure, Stable, Multipool Proof enviroment. Vaultcoin mining is only possible with GPU and CPU. 

You will be extremely rewarded to be a early adopter of Vaultcoin, early miners have a great advantage compared to other miners.
As a investor, you will be happy knowing that holding your coins will result in great rewards as well.

Resistance against Multipools and GPU farms allows CPU and GPU mining, resulting in a network that available for all users.

Release date: March 5th, 2014


  • Total Coins: 66 Million
  • Block Times: 2.5 Minutes, 6 Confirmations on Transactions.
  • Aggressive Kimoto Gravity Well Retargeting
  • Fair Distribution
  • No Instamine
  • Multipool Resistant
  • Premine of 0.98% for Bounties, Giveaways, Development, Support and Maintenance
  • Block Rewards
  • 0-30 0 Rewards
  • 30-10000 1000 Reward
  • 10001-20000 500 Reward
  • 20001-50000 250 Reward
  • 50001+ 100 Reward Halving Yearly