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What is VegasCoin?

Welcome to the FUTURE of Las Vegas!

Do you think you missed out on the BTC band wagon? Well think again! Now there is a Las Vegas cryptocurrency, VGC is here for you when you visit and play in Las Vegas.

At the inception of VegasCoin the idea was to both put the power of money in the people’s hands just like bitcoin and many other alternative crypto currencies do, but also to give Las Vegas a new promotional tool for business and tourism.

As a local currency dedicated to Las Vegas, VegasCoin provides a platform to help keep money cycling inside the city. Similar in ambition to AuroraCoin, a crypto currency created for the people of Iceland, VegasCoin seeks to gain acceptance in the local Vegas market while being traded on the larger international market. In this capacity it is a great vehicle for promoting Tourism in Nevada. Although the number of people who participate in Crypro Currency exchanges is relatively small, participants are international in scope and their numbers are rapidly growing. Even if one does not buy and sell VegasCoin on an exchange its there and people see it. It would be like having a Vegas Dollar appear on the Forex exchange. That’s free advertising! And where are you going to spend your VegasCoins? One might start in the one city that they are accepted. See how this could potentially boost tourism?

VegasCoin is not saturated and never will be. We chose to use almost the same algorithm as litecoin whose total run equals 84,000,000 coins to our 100,000,000 coins. As of this writing this on March 7th 2014, VegasCoin is trading between $0.05 and $0.30 per coin, is listed on two exchanges, and provides a faster more secure system protocol than even bitcoin has.

If I have lost you dear reader I must apologize. This letter is prefaced on the idea that you have some knowledge of what crypto currency and bitcoin even are. If you do not I encourage some research and I have provided some links at the footer to get you started. Without going into all the heady details I will explain it like this. Crypto currency functions like digital cash without any or at extremely low transaction fees, VegasCoin functions in this capacity.
Our mission since day one has been to get VegasCoin created then accepted by local businesses that can then benefit from Vegascoin’s growth in popularity. At this juncture we are in negotiation with a limo company, nightclub, and advertising company. Future plans include meetings with Las Vegas casino & hotel Marketing Directors, Presidents, and Owners.

In closing, it took just under 25 days to create VegasCoin, the website, wallet, and get listed two major crypto currency exchanges. Point being that VegasCoin is in its infancy but is moving very rapidly and people are getting excited. Most who hear about the coin, instantly say what a great name! The Las Vegas brand is already world famous and is overdue for its own currency. Technology moves at a pace that will make your head spin, but those who do not adopt and change risk being left behind. You don’t want to be the last fast food joint to put in a drive through window.

Release date: March 12th, 2014


  • Scrypt Algo.
  • 100 million coins.
  • 120 second block time.
  • 30 coins per block.
  • Re-target every 1 day.