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Union Coin


What is Union Coin?

Union coin is a form of online payment system but in a decentralized monetary system. Union coin to Friends, Family Members & Online Payments. Free of charges and chargebacks. Military Grade Encryption. No Bank or Government Control.
Union coins are based on the original idea of Bitcoin but improved, more secure, with improvements to design and security. There is also a greater coin supply with higher block rewards for miners.

Release date: December 12th, 2013


  • Super secure hashing: 9 rounds of hashing from 6 hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein). 3 rounds apply a random hashing function.
  • CPU mining
  • Quick block generation: 10 seconds
  • 512 UNC per block (halving every 8192 blocks)
  • Block reward will never drop below 1 UNC
  • Total of 73 million UNC will be mined
  • Difficulty retargets every 20 blocks (maximum 10% up or 50% down)