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What is UnbreakableCoin?

Based directly on the original sha256 algorithm only faster! With 80 Million UNB available in total, UnbreakableCoin is almost 4 times as big as the Bitcoin! With some time, UnbreakableCoin aims to be the bigger brother of Bitcoin! There was no premine on this coin! While new coins are often released, none before match the pure potential of UnbreakableCoinUNB started taking the world by storm right away. We soft launched on the other major forum, to make sure everything was in place to bring you UnbreakableCoin like no other group has done before.

Release date: March 27th, 2014


  • SHA-256 Algo
  • 80 Million total coins
  • 50 coins per block first 800,000 blocks
  • 25 coins per block after 800,000 blocks
  • No Premine