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What is UFOcoin?

Sometime in the future – possibly the very near future – the world will go about its business as usual. But at a remote observatory, a space anomaly is reported. Something unusual – and large – appears to be approaching Earth. Experts aren’t sure how to react. The first sighting alerts sky-watchers around the world… No one knows how it will happen, but leading scientists believe that some day we will make contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence. We don’t know when that will happen but we must ready. UFO is a currency intended to be used for interplanetary transactions.

Release date: January 6th, 2014


  • Premine: 1.5% (1% bounties - 0.5% giveaways)
  • Block reward: 5000 UFO
  • Block time: 1.5 minutes
  • Starting difficulty: 0.00024414
  • Diff retarget: each 960 blocks
  • Max supply: 4 billion
  • RPCPORT: 9888
  • P2PPORT: 9887