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What is Hempcoin?

We are so excited to provide the community with a currency for Hemp, as there are so many uses for this product, such as: 
Medicinal: We all know hemp oil has many medicinal uses for diseases and illnesses such as cancer, glaucoma,and seizures to just just name a few. Many states within the U.S. are now lifting the ban to help patients nationwide! 
Food: Hemp seeds are a wonderful source of a complete protein that can be eaten raw, sprouted,  prepared for teas, or made into hemp milk. Market Share: within the UK, hemp seed appears on the UK market as a legal food product and is legally grown for these purposes. Fiber: Hemp fiber is widely used today for clothing, sheets, rope, and paper. Building Materials:  Hemp is becoming widely popular around the world in replacing wood in modern homes and industry for its strength and durability. Plastic and composite materials:  Mixtures of hemp with other materials such as fiberglass have been used to make composite panels for many of the leading car manufacturer’s. 
Fuel:  Hemp oil is now being used to produce Biofuels and is known as “hempoline”. 
The banks in the US are not accepting legal cash for hemp transactions, largely in part because it is illegal on the federal level. The hemp coin team is currently working to provide a transaction service to utilize a point of sale, (P.O.S.) terminal with a smart card system.  This system will be able to provide transaction service to the hemp industry.

Release date: March 9th, 2014


  • 250 Coins Per Block
  • Halving at 500,000 Block Intervals
  • Minimum Reward of 1 Coin Per Block
  • 50,000,000 Total Proof of Work Coins
  • First 25K Blocks are 4x Reward
  • Blocks 25001 - 35001 are 2x Reward
  • 45 Day Coin Age Requirement for 5% Stake (Growing Season)
  • Season lasts for 45 additional days and then can be started again