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What is Scotcoin?

The SCOTCOIN Project is a completely voluntary, opt-in crypto-currency, available to anyone that is a resident of Scotland and wishes to participate, willingly.  SCOTCOINS are an online digital currency, which may have the possibility of being used as a medium of exchange or barter. The SCOTCOIN IPO consists of 980 Million coins, and will distribute 1,000 Scotcoins to each resident (first come first served model), 5,000 to any participating business & 10,000 to any registered Scottish Charity.

Release date: March 20th, 2014


  • Symbol: SCOT
  • Total Economy – 1 billion
  • Amount pre-mined – 980 million
  • Network Allocation – 20 million
  • Block reward: .01
  • Block target is 123 seconds.
  • Difficulty changes every 250 blocks
  • Interval dif @ .01
  • Nfactor start:1