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What is sCoin?

“In Crypto We Trust” – neither animals,celebrities, nor vanity. do not worship false idols Wink
“The coin with an ambiguous S”
sCoin is the de facto herpes of alt-coins – S[c]AMtoshi Nakamoto

Why trillions?

1) To point out the absurdity of current government debts that are incurring upon its citizens that are now in trillions ranges
2) The absurdity of alt-coins with no real innovations but are in the range of billions. Someone have to up the stake. Too many coins with 1.0 generation. Some with 2.0 generations. Few claimed 3.0 generations. Well, sCoin is now officially 4.0 generation.
3) Provide liquidity when trading.
4) Since there is no hard upper cap, sCoin’s mining will continue on whereas other alt-coins will level off or no more mining.
5) sCoin billionaires Cheesy , enough to provide philanthropic endeavors for even the mighty Nigerian Princes and Princesses

TLDR: sCoin is mostly a protest coin against real and virtual spamming currencies.

Why the name sCoin : sCoin is trying to be ambiguous as much as possible. While others are trying to be creative, sCoin is heading the opposite path called DE-Volution

Release date: January 9th, 2014


  • Modified Scrypt based on Litecoin's lastest version
  • ASIC-resistant ATM
  • 2.5 minutes per block
  • 2016 blocks to retarget difficulty
  • 120+ confirmations
  • 5 million coins per block  (halving every 840,000 blocks)
  • Total coins: No UPPER cap (soft cap), will reach about 4.2 trillions at 840K blocks
  • Pre-mine at about 3200 blocks for devs support, bounties, and exchanges listing