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What is RonPaulCoin?

RonPaulCoin, or RPC, has a hard-coded cap of only 2.1 million coins that will come into existence. This is significantly lower than Bitcoin, which has 21 million total coins.

There are a number of crypto-coins out that have a very high total coin count (hundreds of millions or even billions). Scarcity creates value– not abundance. RonPaulCoin is built on this quality of scarcity, like gold, which Ron Paul so commonly speaks in support of. Because of this, RPC has 1/10th of the total coin supply that Bitcoin will ever have.

Release date: December 29th, 2013


  • Scrypt-based (off the latest litecoin source code) and ASIC-resistant.
  • 2,100,000 total coins (to make it rare like gold which Ron Paul is a big supporter of)
  • 1 coin per block for first 4 years. Halving reward every 4 years thereafter.
  • 2 minutes per block.
  • Difficulty retarget time is 1 day.
  • Like gold. RPC is rare.
  • ZERO pre-mining. This is a true holder-of-value coin.
  • This is not a pump-n-dump coin. It is too rare to pump and you'd be silly to dump it for that same reason.