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What is Richcoin?

Richcoin is a new innovative alt coin, based on Litecoin. It uses scrypt for mining.

Richcoin is built with a rich sense of “8″, the number liked the most in the world. People especially in Asia think 8 represent fortune and rich. In Richcoin, we set all paramters using “8″, wish Richcoin holders can keep their wealth growing up continuously.

Richcoin incorporated several innovative features, including extremely low transaction fees and fast transactions. It has had a very fair start.

Release date: August 28th, 2013


  • Each block rewards 88 coins, it will be halved about every 508 days. Target block time is 88 seconds. The diffculty will be retargeted every 88 blocks (or 2 hours 9 minutes and 4 seconds). Richcoin will have a total number of 88,888,888 coins!
  • Richcoin has a very low transacftion fee, only 1% of the current other crypto coins. It has a 3 confirmations for transaction, and 88-confirmation maturity for newly mined coins.