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What is Quebecoin?

Quebecoin[QBC] is a cryptocurrency made for Québec. If you take a look at other country-coins you’ll notice a deserted wasteland of scrypt and kgw. Scrypt ASICs are here, KGW is outdated and vulnerable to attacks. Why does a country-coin have to be a bad clone? Québec is at the forefront of technology – Québecoin will do the same thing. Pour one out for the homies still mining scrypt this summer. 

Release date: April 19th, 2014


  • 2.5 minute block time
  • 26 coins per block
  • Subsidy halving at 420480 blocks (~2 years)
  • Total coins : 42 Million
  • Premine : 21 Million - 50% for the population of Québec
  • IPO : 1% of the 50% Premine (210k QBC) (0.5% of the total)
  • Bounties : 0.1% of the 50% Premine (21k QBC) (0.05% of the total)