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What is ProtoShares?

ProtoShares is a class of crypto-currency that let you capture a position in one or more cool new DACs before it
they are ever implemented. The speculative value of a DACs ProtoShares is a subjective mix of three market
perception pillars. These pillars are the market’s assessment of:

  • The speculative value of a future DAC share.
  • The probability that the DAC can and will be successfully fielded.
  • Confidence that the ProtoShares map to an equitable share in the implementation.
Release date: November 5th, 2013


  • POW Hash: Momentum (2^26 / 2^50) with SHA512 Generation
  • Block target: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty Retargeting: 4032 Blocks
  • Difficulty Retargeting target: 2 Weeks
  • Port: 3888
  • Codebase: Bitcoin 0.8.5
  • No premine.
  • Block reward: 50 PTS, 5% reduction every 2016 blocks
  • Total coins: Around 2 million, with 1% inflation after 2 years