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What is Particle?

Particle is a crypto currency, or digital currency.  This means it acts as both store of value and exchange of value.  It is based on the Bitcoin concept by Satoshi Nakamoto of a blockchain secured by proof of work.  Therefore Particle is what is called “alt-coin” or “alt-chain” because it is alternative chain to Bitcoin blockchain.  Unlike Bitcoin that uses SHA-256 for proof of work, Particle uses a different set of cryptographic algorithms for Proof of Work.  Particle will also have a larger currency supply, to encourage distribution and use for trading for goods and services.

ParticlePRT – is not a “pump dump altcoin” or “scamcoin”.  Unlike altcoin design for dump, Particle backed by ongoing effort of innovation as describe below.  Particle has many new feature in development, advanced BitFreezer wallet, new API and platform all coming 2014 big project.

Release date: December 31st, 2013