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What is Prospercoin?

Prospercoin Kimoto’s Gravity Well – Anti Pump & Dump A Fair coin for all users and miners. We want you all to PROSPER not just the whales and the big rig holders. Prospercoin is for general internet use, however it’s other property is to bring the users of prosper good fortune, joy and luck!

Release date: January 29th, 2014


  • Scrypt Algo Developer modified
  • Difficulty Adjustment
  • Prosper coin implements Kimoto's Gravity Well
  • re-target every hour
  • Reward is 10 COINs per block
  • 120 seconds block time
  • 1 Prosper Day per month - Full 24 hours nonstop bonus, it happens on a random day each month
  • Bonus Coins on Prosper day!
  • (Prospercoin is giving an additional 20 coins to 39 coins, increasing by 1 coin upto 39 after this it then reset to 20 again)
  • Payout will be halved every 2 years
  • Every 100 blocks pay in full (no half rule applied)