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What is Orbitcoin?

Orbitcoin is POW/POS Advanced Hybrid.

0% POS reward, the proof of stake was only added for the extra security and nothing more,
We believe the rich getting richer isn’t what crypto currency is about,
but coins that can’t be 51% attacked is!… (The first implementation of 0% reward POS)

Block Reward = 0.25 per block, halves yearly till 0.00000001 is reached then continues to be mined till the max coin cap on 31million is made.
30 Second Block Targets

Difficulty Adjustment = Linear (per block)

200 confirms for newly minted coins
5 for transaction confirms



Release date: July 31st, 2013


  • 30 second block time
  • Advanced scrypt algorithm pow/pos
  • 5 blocks transaction confirmation
  • 200 minted block maturity
  • accelerated diff re-targeting
  • Difficulty Re-targets every block
  • mining halves every year
  • Total 31,000,000 coins
  • 0.25 coins per block
  • secure from 51% attacks
  • rare less than 700 mined daily
  • I2P/TOR ready
  • First implementation of 0% proof of stake
  • auto detects new nodes
  • Default RPCPort=15299
  • Default P2PPort=15298

CoinChoose info

Current Blocks677778
Reward1 ORB
Network hashrate26132214 H/s
Adjusted ratio156421.414435 % BTC
Avgerage Profit3314.704222041138 % BTC
Avgerage Hash7664.0000 H/s