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What is OmniCoin?

OmniCoin is the official cryptocurrency of, an online computing forum. It currently has its own section (account required) on the forum, moderated by Crypto™. The project was first started by the HackForums member Aurora in December 2013. The first pool, Blue’s Pool, launched five days later. In January, the creator stopped responding and the project lacked support. The community decided to fork the project and restart from the genesis block. Crypto™ leads The OmniCoin Project actively with a team of seven.

Release date: March 29th, 2014


  • Max Coins: 13,371,337
  • Block Reward: 66.85
  • Block Target Time: 180 Seconds
  • Difficulty Retarget: KGW
  • Reward Halving Time (Blocks): 100010
  • P2P Port | Testnet: 4872 | 14872
  • RPC Port | Testnet: 4873 | 14873