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What is NutCoin?

Nutcoin is the next generation peer to peer currency.
Nutcoin is a decentralized payment network made by people like you and me. You do not have to trust third parties and centralized systems anymore. Nutcoin Payments are simple, fast, private and irreversible. It only takes a few seconds for the money to reach your target.

What is the innovation?

  • Anti-scarcity: 92 billions on coins will be delivered in the next 10/15 years
  • Long Term Vision: NUT will ever be the most profitable coin to mine in the long run
  • Value stabilization via innovative APDTC system (Anti Pump/Dump Transaction Control) to avoid market manipulation (EXPERIMENTAL IMPLEMENTATION)
  • NutLaw: Realtime Recommended Price Algorithm
Release date: January 9th, 2014


  • 40 second block targets
  • 20 000 coins per block, halves every ~6 months
  • difficulty retarget every ~2 hours
  • supply: 92 000 000 000 (92 billions of coins)
  • current block count for the launch : 0 (no premine, nada, niet, queudchi)