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What is NobleCoin?

Words are cheap on the internet – but here goes. The rise of cryptocoins (which we believe is just getting started) has fascinated us as soon as we caught wind of it. Like many who get involved with this movement we have concerns regarding the current economic system, major players involved, where society as a whole is headed (both socio-economically and technologically) in the 21st century and how we will meet the massive changes and challenges we feel are headed our way. We believe that a sound, distributed, decentralized and secure means of digital exchange done at a global scale is a noble pursuit.

Dumping and making a quick buck does not excite us nor would it be personally and professionally rewarding enough. Imagining, building and improving a digital system, community and economy does excite us. The effect that just the idea of such a system (let alone its actual implementation) will have on the general population as it becomes main-stream is mind-blowing. We commit to developing and improving the NOBLE, its community, marketplace and rewarding the movement over many years. To simply have the opportunity in this day and age to attempt to achieve such a goal is brilliant in itself. It is for these reasons we intend to be around for the long haul.

To the table we bring major experience in web & mobile application development, business planning and management, software development, online marketing and social media engagement skills. We are a team of young(ish), successful dreamers who have the luxury of being able to develop and promote NOBLE full-time, and the passion, drive and ego that is probably required to (perhaps arrogantly so) assume we can develop a cryptocoin economy alongside the best in the business.

Release date: January 7th, 2014


  • 60 second block target.
  • Difficulty re-targets approximately every 30 blocks.
  • Total amount of coins mined will be 15 billion coins.
  • NobleCoin supports transaction messages.
  • Block average payout is 5,000 coins.
  • 50 confirmations are required for minted blocks.
  • 5 confirmations are required for transactions.
  • Transaction time of less than 30 seconds (often much faster).