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What is Marinecoin?

Marinecoin, forefront of the crypto revolution, the way of the future

We abide by the trade laws of the offshore International Seawaters, and the unclaimed lands of Antarctica, for the first time in history, Mankind in all facets of life joined forces using technology to create the ultimate commonwealth, based on absolute freedom and integrity. Our code is in our blockchain, and we pledge to turn our digital financial resources into a physical utopia.

Create a truly global actually usable and stable crypto currency by avoiding regulatory roadblocks.
Make every day users and merchants adapt a stable crypto currency without negative side effects of the exchanges and other uncertainties imposed by Governments by working together with them.

Becoming a Global Organisation operated not only by its biggest stake holders but its community, working together with Governments and Corporations from all parts of the World

Using mining hardware to simultaneously compute cancer, genetic related research. Fight hunger around the World.
Provide new job opportunities to unemployed people in the crypto currency frontier.
Provide opportunity for other alt-currency goals such as going to Mars, protect wildlife etc. if enough support is given by majority of its community.

Marinecoin ecosystem is designed to be able to protect itself, this service will be provided by its early adapters by using Marinecoin’s financial, political and corporate structure against any external forces that may try to bring it harm. Marinecoin is here to end the BTC/ALT exchange cycle that is going nowhere, a cycle people can’t get out because of the lack of alternative options.

Truly decentralized non-inflationary crypto currency is un-attainable because of human nature and external forces. Marinecoin is not truly a decentralised non-inflationary crypto currency, its designed to be injected some minimal inflation at the right amounts at the right times, without harming its value. This minimal inflation is the cost of securing and protecting its investor’s and everyday users interests, the price stability in the future, and its general interests around the World so that it can remain globally dominant. (Inflationary procedure however will not be practiced until suitable organisational structure is established.)

Release date: January 15th, 2014


  • Scrypt Algo
  • Re-target every 24 hours
  • 1 coin per block
  • 2 minute block target
  • 9.999.999.999 max coins
  • 1000 years of mining