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What is Murraycoin?

A descendant of Bitcoin and Litecoin, Murraycoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer currency enabling worldwide instant payments. Murraycoin provides 100 second transaction confirmations, 6 times faster than Bitcoin, offering an excellent balance of speed and consistency.  Utilizing scrypt in its proof-of-work algorithm, Murraycoin can be efficiently mined on consumer hardware. Murraycoin is backed by an experienced development team dedicated to its success.

Release date: February 4th, 2014


  • Scrypt Algo
  • 100 second block targets
  • Subsidy halves every 300k blocks (~350 days)
  • 60 coins per standard block
  • 36 blocks to retarget difficulty with 504 sample and .25 damping
  • 67% maximum change on difficulty retarget
  • Total Coins: 58 Million
  • 1st month, ~16 Million Coins will be generated
  • 1st Year, ~34 Million Coins will be generated
  • Through the next few decades the Remaining 24 Million will be generated. 19.5 Million come from first 2 Years of 300K Blocks