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What is microCoin?

microCoin uses scrypt-jane POW/POS mining with modified nFactor.
With the modified nFactor the coin will keep decreasing in GPU mining power
GPU mining power will slowly decrease and GPU mining will become a lot slower than it was during the start.
This period of mining overall helps close the gap between CPU and GPU mining, resulting in more profitable and fair mining rewards for CPU miners also.
GPU mining will still always be faster than CPU mining, but the modified nFactor will give microCoin more long-term scarcity and value.
microCoin aims to be a deflationary currency for investors. The microCoin dev team will set bounties and seek to make services for microCoin.
microCoin can equally be used as a long-term trading instrument for investors as well as a currency for shops, games and any other services.
The settings given at launch are most likely not the final specifications, since they can and most likely will be changed with a hardfork later on to add or change values.
microCoin will always be open to suggestions and will be modified based on popular requests and those only.
All changes will be notified long beforehand and the safety of investors is always a primary concern.

Release date: January 3rd, 2014


  • Algorithm: Scrypt-Jane, Proof-Of-Stake, Proof-Of-Work with modified nFactor
  • Block Time: 32 seconds
  • Max money supply: 100,000,000,000 MRC
  • No Premine