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What is Molecule?

Molecule is a CPU minable alt coin based on Quark, which was in turn based on SifCoin.  The coin uses a combination of algorithms that makes it resistant to GPU and ASIC mining.

The purpose of creating this coin was both for my own edification to learn about creating one, as well as to provide a coin with economics/coin design that I think works and provides a broader opportunity for folks to mine some coin.

Molecule will be backed by promotion and publicity efforts, with the intention of spreading awareness and growing a community.  Branding, Awareness, Community, and Marketing is what I believe will differentiate molecules from other coins.

Release date: December 16th, 2013


  • 200,000,000 max molecules will be created
  • 784 molecules per block
  • Reward halves every 120,960 blocks (~42 days)
  • 30 second block targets
  • Low starting diff
  • Difficulty retargets every 20 blocks, max adj. 100% up/200% down
  • 140 confirms per block
  • NO PREMINE (premine was deleted in forked blockchain)