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What is Megcoin?

Megcoin is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency sporting a new algorithm (SCRYPT-N-R) and building upon the strengths of the Bitcoin 0.9 wallet to create a very fast and strong coin. Unlike most other  new coins Megcoin is immune to the recent influx of standard Scrypt ASICs and has taken steps to ensure that ASICs will not pose a threat therefore making it an excellent choice for both CPU and GPU miners. Megcoin has a strong development team pushing the advancement of the coin on all fronts and as such is positioned to become a major cryptocurrency. It has not been premined and is fully featured with multiple geographically-diverse DNS seed nodes to ensure extremely fast wallet synchronizations. 

Release date: May 3rd, 2014


  • PoW Algo: Scrypt-8-4 (scrypt-n-r)
  • Premine: 0%
  • Total: Infinite (20K final block reward)
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Reward halved: Every 200,000 blocks
  • Rewards mature: 120 blocks (~2 hours)
  • Difficulty adjustment: Every block (Digishield)
  • Wallet forked from Bitcoin 0.9