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What is Maki?

The tastiest coin on the internet is now available to the world, our plan with Maki is to make it the go to coin for restuarants around the globe.
Even though sushi started in Japan in the 8th Century in the last 120 years it has spread the entire globe as a delicacy loved by many people.
Maki being one of the most popular sushi choices with a catchy name made it the ideal choice for a coin name that will be used for any merchant
involved with the production and sales of food.

With the above being said Maki will have a value and as a currency any entity is free to accept and use it.

When creating this coin we had to think of the future virtual currencies will have, as you know there is plenty currencies available all trying to get a piece
of the virtual pie, however this doesn’t mean all currencies can’t co exist.

We believe the future of virtual currencies is each one being backed or used by a certain franchise / business / merchant etc, instead of central control
like we have with traditional fiat currencies.

Why should I invest in Maki?

We are planning to build the first coin with a complete package, providing services that will make it easy and reliable for daily using our own payment system,
you will be able to exchange Maki straight into fiat and vice versa in the not too distant future. Many plans are in place and we have clear cut goals for the coin,
however community involvement and input is extremely important to steer the currency in the right direction.

In short Maki will be the go to coin for restaurants, festivals, clubs, bars etc.

Release date: March 11th, 2014


Algorithm: scrypt PoW KGW Transaction confirmations: 6 Total coins: 100M Premine: 200K (0.2%) Starting diff: 0.000244 Block reward: 24 MKI Block time: 60 seconds Retarget: 1440 blocks Reward halving interval: 2.102.400 blocks Port: 1825 RPCPort: 1824