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What is LiveCoin?

It’s a brand product, it’s a part of LiveChains, and is intended to be in use for many years
to come, we will support and maintain the coin throughout its life.

Put simply there are alot of coins out there, alot of “Pump and Dump” we don’t want that for our coin, we want it to offer a real VALUE, hence us accepting our own coin for services, the goal is simple, a service coin, accepted for payment of actuall services etc.

The capped limit of coins and almost constantly fixed prices will make the coin fun, with superblocks popping off and of course when we run special events. The coin will get some special treatment, the total coin supply can and will vary slightly to take account of the “mid-season specials”. We want you to have fun mining it, and have even more fun making it work for you, we all know you’re here to mine this coin with the sole purpose of renting a pool with it and why not.

Release date: January 9th, 2014


  • Time To Block=150 Seconds
  • Total Coin Supply=Est 250,000,000
  • Value Per Block=200
  • Halves Every=2 Years
  • Block Retarget=Every Block
  • Launch Type=LiveChains Site Only
  • Windows QT=Windows XP / Vista (Y U Run This we have no idea) / 7 / 8.x
  • Linux/Unix SRC=GitHub
  • Stores Accepting=LiveChains Store ( Prices to be determined )
  • Exchange=No where near ready for exchange
  • Pools for Launch=Our Own, PROP Payouts 2% Fee
  • Bounties=No Premine nothing to give away