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What is LuckyCoin?

Feeling lucky punk? No? Well you should!

LuckyCoin offers super lucky blocks, where your reward can be x2 ,x5 and even x58! That’s not the best part though. The best part is we’ve designed this coin with fairness in mind. That’s why we developed an accelerated difficulty adjustment algorithm. The difficulty will be adjusted much faster in the beginning, so if high hash power jumps on, it will rise much faster than normal. The difficulty will be retargeted about every 4 hours (block time). We are confident this can combat high hash botnets from orphaning all of us.

Random Super-blocks:

For the 1st 50000 blocks
– 5% chances 188 coins/block
– 1% chances 588 coins/block
– 0.01% chances 5888 coins/block (so expect 5 such blocks)

After 50000 blocks
– 5% chances 2 times the normal coins (i.e. if normal is 88 coins, you get 176 coins)
– 1% chances 5 times the normal coins
– 0.01% chance 58 times the normal coins

Release date: September 15th, 2013


  • 1 min block target
  • 3 confirms per transaction
  • Difficulty retargets every 4 hrs with accelerated diff adjustment in the beginning
  • Initially 88 coins per block, halves every 2 years (1,036,800 blocks)
  • Total around 200 millions coins
  • connection port is 9917, RPC-port 9918

CoinChoose info

Current Blocks754589
Reward44 LKY
Network hashrate H/s
Adjusted ratio20895.6235425 % BTC
Avgerage Profit26881.878953108586 % BTC
Avgerage Hash H/s