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What is KlondikeCoin?

Rumours are circulating of a valuable new resource in the Klondike region of Canada, people are heading there right now to strike it rich and get their hands on some! Rumours are it is some fabled crypto, thousands of prospectors are on their way hoping to change their lives.

Klondike coin is inspired by the great klondike gold rush that started over 100 years ago and ran around 3 years, this coin will be mineable for around 3 years, block rewards having roughly every 3 months. The coin will be relitivly rare with just a little under 20 million in total. We did no pre announcement as that wouldnt be a goldrush Smiley Us, the developers only have a little over 1mh/s between us. So 0% pre mine and no insta mining by us!

Release date: January 9th, 2014


  • 1 block per minute.
  • 77 coins per block.
  • 1440 Blocks Per Day.
  • Subsidy halves in 129k blocks.
  • 19948654 total coins.
  • Difficulty retarget every 24 hours