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What is J-Coin?

J-Coin is based on YaCoin and scrypt-jane CPU-friendly algorithm. Only 1 coin per block! UPNP support, no conf file necessary.

Release date: September 9th, 2013


  • 21 million coin cap POW; 20 million POS; 41 million total
  • POS/POW Scrypt Jane
  • SSDRA Retarget System
  • ArtForz timetravel patch
  • 1 coin per block
  • Only 250 coins premined on bounties
  • 30 second blocks
  • 520 confirms required to mint a block
  • transaction based demurrage of .00005 to .0001 coins per block
  • block subsidy halves every 400,000 blocks to a minimum susidy of .0777
  • N doubles every 4000 retarget cycles. each cycle is longer over time
  • 5% interest on stake
  • UPNP support, no conf file necessary
  • Life span of many years, no unfair premine.