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What is Jerkycoin?

I’m striving here to go back to a method of exchange that is more fair.  Jerky seems like a better way to exchange.  Just like the ancient tribes of history.  Trading jerky for blankets or whatever..  I was layed off work last month by a greedy/control freak partner in a bbq we had together..  So I decided to start this up. Hopefully it works or I have to look for another job working for the man next month or so.  I just made almost 100 bags last week of the three flavors listed on this site.  I compiled the jerkycoin blockchain in the summer with a friend. I have been mining it off and on with a single silver block eruptor for the last six months.  I have a couple of million coins I want to giveaway with jerky purchases.  So if you are interested  order some jerky and I will send you 5,000 (JKY) jerkycoins.  Hell I could be dead tommarrow.  Anyone who downloads the client gets 500 (JKY)  Send over the addresses… Simply download the client and send me the receive address. Depending on how this goes?  I will determine a fair amount of jerkycoins it will take to get a bag of jerky in the future. An exchange would be helpful to determine a collective market price!  But if not we will figure something out that is fair for everyone involved… I will give away large blocks of coins  to people who make jerky or own a jerky company.  So if you know anyone?  Tell them to contact me. Start Smokin some jerkycoins today!

Release date: January 9th, 2014


  • Algo: SHA-256
  • Total coins: 76 million , Block reward: 144 JKY
  • Block reward halves every 400,000 blocks
  • Block target is 40 seconds.
  • Difficulty changes every 300 blocks.
  • Interval dif @ .03
  • Nfactor start:8
  • Catch-phrase for pzTime: It’s the Jerky Standard of exchange