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What is Helixcoin?

Because all hail the helix fossil! a god among men, pokemon, and coins alike! SHA-3 Keccak is an algorythm that avoids some of the high power usage seen with scrypt and the constant threat of scrypt asics and the supreme mining power that is the bitcoin asic network. With proper configuration keccak can be mined at 30% better power efficiency than a maxed out scrypt setup!! and run in excess of 6°c Cooler! This is good for the environment, and easier on hardware which means less maintenance over time for your valuable gpus! 40 second block times allow HelixCoin to be a fast transacting coin, critical for modern cryptocurrencies
Just like TPP, the community controls the fate of RED, lead only by the Helix! **Solominer’s special** As committed devs to the success of our coin at launch, we have created a custom manager that automatically creates config files that a solominer needs to be successful as quickly as possible. Also includes a full manager to ensure ease of use with the always reliable command line wallet

Release date: February 26th, 2014


  • Another scrypt crap-coin? No! Only the great sha-3 keccak algorithm is worthy of the helix fossil!
  • Block reward? 151 coins per block to honor the first 151 pokemon . Subsidy halves every 6 months
  • Block time? 40 seconds per block, the delay of twitch controls
  • Difficulty? Kimoto Gravity Well retargeting
  • Eleventy billion coins? No! 120,000,000 total coins ever to be mined
  • Premine? Premines are going out of style. Only a fair 0.16% premine