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What is Huntercoin?

Huntercoin is a P2P Crypto Currency which incorporates Human Mining. A Blockchain Based Alternate Reality. P2P Decentralized Cryptocurrency Game – MMOCG.

Release date: January 27th, 2014


  • Human Mining – Control Hunters to harvest coins in another dimension using strategy, time & teamwork.
  • 1 Minute Block Times.
  • Dual Algorithm –SHA256 + Scrypt. Each algo has separate difficulty, both targeting 2 minute blocks. Both are Merge Mineable.. See
  • Total 10 coins Per Block – 1 to the miner, 8.75 onto the Map.
  • Crown of Fortune – 1 Unique Item on the map which will generate 0.25 HUCs per block
  • When a Hunter harvests coins and brings them back to a spawn area, the coins will materialize in their wallet, Miners will receive 10% of these ‘banked’ coins (TAX)
  • When a Hunter is killed, 4% of the coins they held will be taken by miners. The rest will be dropped to the ground.
  • Hardware Miners should receive in total (over time) 20% of the Block Reward (2 Coins) + Player Death Taxes.
  • 42 Million Total Coins
  • Retarget Every block based on last 2016 Blocks (for each algo separately) - (PPC Style)
  • Can be considered a basic decentralized P2P MMOCG (Massively Multiplayer Online Cryptocurrency Game), which takes place within the block chain.
  • Includes all relevant features of other crypto currencies.
  • Integrated Client Chat – Player can chat per block.
  • Starting cost per Player is 1 HUC