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What is Gatescoin?

Gatescoin is a function of the numerical calculations based on field research and development of new P2P encryption of electronic money, innovative uses scrypt-GTC algorithm has strong development team. Stability of the currency and accuracy of the beginning of the research and design gave full consideration . GTC harness the power of the community to deal with its trading, all transactions are to ensure their safety and irrevocable nature by means of encryption. Just have a free digital address, you can send and receive GTC. More importantly, GTC completely free for anyone to use, including personal and commercial purposes.

Gatescoin was released in January 1, 2014, the total amount of 33 million. Produced per 1 minute a block, each block area returns to 100 GTC; difficulty adjusted once every 10 days, compensation reduced by half block area, and so on, until generate 33 million so far.

GTC was released as an individual will be run independently on the network, the development team can not interfere with the extension of the development of freedom, but only as a technical support to ensure the stability and reliability of the GTC. We will strive to promote the GTC is committed to gradually use the virtual currency derivatives industry, and make the value and role reflected.

Release date: January 1st, 2014


  • total of 33 million coins
  • produced per 1 minute a block
  • each block area returns to 100 GTC
  • difficulty adjusted once every 10 days
  • compensation reduced by half block area