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What is GPUCoin?

A big thanks to micryon and cryptowest for putting everything together to function flawlessly this time.  Micryon came up with the idea that we should launch instead a day prior to the official launch, but only have block rewards at 1 GPUC for the first 2600 blocks.  This allows for people to ramp up the network hash gradually to avoid forking, allows people to tweak their rigs on the actual network, and alleviates all the traffic to the wallet downloads.

Approximately two weeks after the coin launch we will be opening our on-line store that specializes in keeping a large stock of GPUs that will only be available to be purchased with GPU Coin. The two week delay is to ensure that the coin prices have settled. Our sister company already has access to two distributors and has submitted applications for two others to ensure they have access to the best prices available. Our goal it to provide all of our GPUs at aggressively low prices and keep a more reliable stock on hand so that we are never back ordered. We have a phone line ready as a contingency plan to start taking orders at the two week point if the automated on-line store front is not ready in time.

Release date: March 13th, 2014


  • PoW Algorithm: Scrypt-N
  • Retarget: Every block using KGW
  • Initial Block Reward: 20,000
  • Max Supply: 13.5 billion
  • Block Halving Rate: 250,000