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What is Globe?

Globe is:
1. Inflationary
2. Super stable in price
3. Backed by Litecoin and Bitcoin
4. Fast Transactions
5. Designed to grow very fast and have viral effect
Miners are getting double block rewards for first 2 months!!

Release date: December 7th, 2013


  • 60 second block time (fast but secure)
  • 10 coins per block for first two months
  • 5 coins thereafter + 4% annual inflation -adjusted every day (every 1440 blocks)
  • 20% tax on coins
  • 10% for reserve fortress and price stabilization mechanism.
  • 10% to dev. team for bounties, advertising and future development.
  • In an attempt to be truly transparent monthly reports displaying tax collected, reserve levels and state of price stabilization mechanism will be provided.
  • P2P Port = 8684
  • RPC Port = 8682
  • Add node =