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What is Ghostcoin?

Want to generate coin quickly, quietly and with high energy efficiency? Do you want a coin that works for itself and needs minimal effort? Want the security of POS( Proof Of Stake)  mining? Do you want to be rewarded for holding coins and not spending them? Ghostcoin is for you. Using the latest Scrypt mining technology, Ghostcoin will be available to mine or generate with traditional gpu miners for three months.  After that period Ghostcoins will become an energy efficient ghost like miner. No effort is needed to help mine or generate coins other than to have you wallet open with coins. This draws minimal resources and is 99% more energy efficient than Scrypt, CPU and ASIC mining and permanently resistant to mass farm mining.

Ghostcoin will release 20% of total coins for Scrypt mining and 80% of total coins for POS minting. Why Ghostcoin? Ghostcoin offers a unique blend of POS and POW. Security for the long term is the focus rewarding early investors and miners. How can I contribute? Join the forums here and let us know how you can help. You can help greatly just by sharing this page on twitter or Facebook or posting in your favorite forums about Ghostcoin.

Ghostcoins using a Unique POS reward system increasing over the first 6 years for coin distribution vs tradional methods. Block rewards- 1000-8000 random reducing weekly by 50 %. After 2 months Ghostcoin will become a 100% POS coin. Coin holders will be rewarded with POS returns or 20% for the first 2 years, 25% for the next 2 years and 30% for the following 2 years. After that POS will remain at 5% per annum.

Release date: March 10th, 2014


  • 750,000,000 Total Coins
  • 30 Second Blocks
  • Confirmations Mined Blocks: 40
  • 6 Confirmations on Transactions
  • Long Term ASIC Resistance
  • POS/POW Hybrid
  • POS 20% for first 2 years
  • POS 25% for the next 2 years
  • POS  30% for the following 2 years
  • After that POS will remain at 5% per annum.
  • Port 14070
  • RPC Port 14071
  • 1% Premine for Development, Future Projects, Maintenance and Distribution to Community.