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What is GermanyCoin?

GermanyCoin is a decentralised peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. It is not controlled by banks or governments. It’s intended to be germanys currency in the future. A strong coin for a strong economy! The initial blockreward of 25 coins will be decreased every 40 days, in reminiscence of the german divison for 40 years. But on the reunion day (Third October) reward will be 100 coins per block for one day.

First airdrop (1 Million) will take place on Sunday 30.March.2014 . Time will be announced later on. We will be giving away 1 block per person (25coins), first come first serve.

We are planning to run 21 little airdrops instead of a big one, bacause we think the risk would be too high that the coin will be dumped to death on airdrop day.  Little airdrops will give some time to the market to adjust to the new amount of coins in circulation.

The first airdrop will be realised by validation of the ID Number and some security questions will be asked , which we think only german people can answer. Also some other security features are planned. We have no database of IDs and I doubt the other countrycoins have one. Sure that’s not optimal , but that’s why we split the airdrop in many pieces to find new ideas. For example we also think about a paperwallet “airdrop”. The project is new, more ideas will follow.

The premine takes place to ensure that that german people have a chance to get in touch with the new coin, even if they have no experience in mining. A new currency, opposed to the fiat system, with an “easy start” for Germans, but of course open to everyone. That’s the Germany Coin.

Release date: March 20th, 2014


  • Proof of Work algorithm: Scrypt
  • Total coins: 42,000,000 GER
  • Premine: ~50% to german people / small part (< 0,5%) for bounties/development
  • Initial Coins per block: 25 GER
  • Block reward decreasing 1 coin every 40 days
  • Block reward on german reunion day (Third October) will be 100 coins
  • Block target: 1 minute
  • Difficulty adjustment: every block , KGW
  • p2p port: 12667
  • rpc port:12666