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What is FastCoin?

Nobody wants to wait longer then they have to when performing a currency transaction.
That’s why we believe FastCoin is positioned to do well in the Crypto currency marketplace.
FastCoin has no political agenda…
FastCoin has no Central issuing authority…
Completely Peer 2 Peer, based on the Bitcoin principles.

FastCoin liberates you to send and receive money when you want
and not make you wait longer then you have to.

Time is money and now a Crypto Currency has been developed to help you with both!

Release date: May 29th, 2013


  • 12 seconds block target
  • 4 confirms per transaction. So every transaction will be confirmed in 48 seconds!
  • Difficulty retargets every hour. Using accelerated retargets at the beginning (similar algorithm as that in Luckycoin), so to eliminate instamining.
  • 32 coins per block, halves every 12 months (2,592,000 blocks)
  • Total 165,888,000 coins
  • connection port is 9526, RPC-port 9527 - Scrypt

CoinChoose info

Current Blocks3594758
Reward32 FST
Network hashrate250895360 H/s
Adjusted ratio82.3312066653 % BTC
Avgerage Profit6012.241259107611 % BTC
Avgerage Hash250895360.0000 H/s