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What is Ferengicoin?

After considering all options, suggestions and comments Quark introduced Ferengicoin plan to Grand Nagus and he became furious. Grand Nagus decided that FER was way undervalued and declared revaluation of Ferengicoin before it’s release date. New FER value has been set and Quark has no choice but to accept it. Rom (Quark’s little brother) was happy about this change because it will benefit miners and Ferengicoin bearers.

Release date: March 20th, 2014


  • SHA-256 algorithm (just like Bitcoin to mine with ASIC, GPU or CPU)
  • Block Rate (in seconds) 180
  • Initial value per block 10,000 coins
  • Block halving rate 50,000 blocks  (104 days)
  • Maximum coins: 1,000,000,000 coins (1 billion coins)
  • Target timespan (adjustment of difficulty) every 6 hours (re-target every 120 blocks)
  • Coinbase maturity 200 blocks (only after 10 hours newly mined coins will become spendable to avoid double spending of new coins)
  • 1% pre-mined