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What is DragonCoin?

Dragon Coin!  Another Scrypt Coin.

DragonCoin (DNC) – a ‘faster’ version of Litecoin which also uses scrypt as a proof of work scheme and is intended for microtransactions.

So actually,DragonCoin exists for the following reasons:

-DNC proves that really anyone(!) can start a Litecoin/Bitcoin based currency (just look at the changes I applied to the original Litecoin source, for genesis block generation look at main.cpp)

-allows me to experiment with coin parameters (in a private network)

Release date: June 21st, 2013


  • 15 seconds block targets: beat that MinCoin! ;)
  • 42 007 680 total coins
  • no subsidy within the first 3 days and after approximately 5 years; in between: 4 coins per generated block
  • difficulty retargets every 0.35 days
  • currently peers are looked up over IRC only
  • currently no block checkpoints are in the code (but could be easily added) Other than that, this coin is exactly like Litecoin and should by no means be used as a real cryptocurrency. All of the coin parameters are chosen arbitrarily or at most with 'fairness' towards everyone in mind.