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What is Credits?

Hello fellow Miners, Collectors and Traders. Welcome to Credits. The coin of the Future! Credits (CRD) will use your already existing 9Nyan (Nyn) and all previous coins mined from Nyn will be used instead towards this new and great “coin”. We use the name Credits, because as sci-fi fans, we have always recognized the need for a proper name for a proper currency. It rolls of the tongue and sounds natural. Think about it. Ask yourself how many Credits you have. If you already have NYN, then you have Credit. Be rejoiceful fellow miner. You are already one step closer to being rich with Credits.

Release date: January 26th, 2014


  • Algo: Scrypt
  • Total Blocks: 10,010,010
  • Total Credits:337,337,337
  • Block Reward: 33,7
  • Block Times: 30 Seconds
  • Confirmations Mined Blocks: 70
  • Transaction Confirmations: 6
  • Port: 17778
  • RPCPort: 17779
  • Starting Diff: 0.0002
  • Retarget time: 1 hour
Block Rewards Block 1 = 37 Million Credits - (Only block pre-mined, read the text below for explanation) Rest of the blocks = 33.7 Credits Random Lucky Block rewards are either 137 or 337 or 1337 after block 50k it is standard Block 2x 5x and 58x  Credits