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What is CopperBars?

That currency is…Copper Bars! We designed this coin to be mined in conjunction with Spots and took the complete opposite approach when it came to parameters. Spots is a Scrypt coin made to be mined with GPU’s, while Copper Bars are Scrypt-Jane and meant to be mined with CPU’s. This will allow you to mine both coins concurrently and double your precious metals profits! Spots is a slow block time coin that rewards 49 Spots per block. Copper Bars will be fast blocks with small rewards. This will attract miners that like slow, big numbers, as well as the people that prefer fast, frequent payouts. Copper Bars will be used to purchase…imagine that, copper bars and coins on – We were going to take an already established currnecy, but since Spots launed so well and so smoothly, we decided to make our own that will be mined at the same time as Spots. It’s the first package deal coin, so let’s do this!

Release date: August 11th, 2013


  • Scrypt-Jane
  • 16 Second Blocks
  • .0064 Block Reward x 80 Billion Blocks for 512 Million total Coins
  • 1% Stake with 365 Days of Coin Age Required, 730 days for full weight