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What is CosmosCoin?

CosmosCoinCMC, the latest and most innovative PoW/PoS coin! Fair start and zero premined!

Cosmoscoin combines the best from Bitcoin/Litecoin/Novacoin/Florincoin, it uses both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. This provides good resistence to 51% attack. It also supports transaction comments like Florincoin, so when you send transactions to the cosmos, you and your receiver won’t be lost! Moreover, this coin has zero transaction fees, and fast transaction confirmation time (1.5 min). It provides steady coin supply at 3.5 coins per block.

Cosmoscoin has a fair start and zero premined, making it one of the very best of the alt coins exist today.


Release date: June 28th, 2013


  • Proof of work/proof of stake (Resistence to 51% attack)
  • modified Scrypt algorithm
  • Transacation Comment like FlorinCoin
  • 0 transaction fee - 60 seconds block time
  • 3.5 coins per block
  • Day generation: 5040 coins or 1440 blocks - diff re-target every block
  • Trade confirm: 3
  • Mine confirm: 30
  • fair start, no premine
  • port: Connection: 19990 and RPC Port:19991

CoinChoose info

Current Blocks1191542
Reward3.5 CMC
Network hashrate939376 H/s
Adjusted ratio13726.9928025 % BTC
Avgerage Profit6250.418931326159 % BTC
Avgerage Hash5345908.1849 H/s