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What is Copperlark?

Copperlark term can be applied to software and network. One unit of this monetary system named lark (short form – CL). Bitcoin is peer2peer network which distrubuted as open-source software and provides next features:

There’s no unified organization for production and control of currency, which can affect exchange rate, change the number of used coins, block accounts and stop transactions. Copperlark is p2p network consisting of peers. Participants manage their coins, and no one can influence this operations.

The maximum amount of Copperlark coins is 27,3 million.

Addresses of Copperlark users is anonymous and represent combination of numbers and letters. Copperlark user can use many different addresses. It is possible to create the address for single use.

Release date: August 27th, 2013


  • Other Algo Hash = SHA3 (payload + random number)
  • 27.2 Million Total Coins
  • 4 minute blocks
  • 360 block re-target
  • 50 coins per block