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Cryptographic Anomaly


What is Cryptographic Anomaly?

The rarest coin that will (probably) EVER be made!

How does it work?
The block reward is (almost) always 0 (yes Zero), the only way that a Cryptographic Anomaly is born is if the remainder of the block number divided by the difficulty falls between 1 and 0.1. So as the difficulty increases the rarity of the coin increases.

What does this mean for miners?
This would (probably) deter miners from using GPUs, ASICs, or maybe even full on CPU mining. To be honest if you mine this coin you might want to just set gen=1 in your config file and leave it at that. The more hashing power you pump into the coin won’t necessarily give you more anomalies, yes you may solve more blocks but if block# % difficulty doesn’t fall between 1 and 0.1 or is exactly 0, you are just burning out your mining rigs. On the other hand the more hashing power you put into the coin the more the coin is potentially worth.

So how would pools work?
Ahh, now here is the really tricky part. We would like to see special pools that literally manipulate the network in order to up the probability of generating an anomaly. But if their are multiple pools doing this it would make generating an anomaly even harder.

Release date: February 2nd, 2014


  • Scrypt Based
  • Block Reward = 0 (unless certain conditions are met, then Block Reward = 1)
  • Block Time = 40 sec
  • Difficulty Refresh = 80 sec / 2 blocks
  • Max Anomalies = 10 Billion
  • If remainder equals exactly 0 then reward is 10
  • If remainder equals exactly 100 then reward is 100