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What is Pennies?

Pennies [CENT] are a unique new cryptographic coin without decimal places. Every easy to mint coin is a single unit and is designed with Proof of Stake savings in mind. Like YaC, Pennies are based on scrypt-jane and make use of the Nfactor to allow for easy CPU-based minting using only the Piggy Bank Application.

Pennies are stored in your own customized Piggy Bank. Your Piggy bank features “Command Line Banking,” a virtual teller window that you can use to get information, make transactions, or mint pennies directly using basic commands. As of release 0.9.2, Piggy Bank now supports QR codes for easy address and transaction encoding.

Release date: August 4th, 2013


  • Based on Scrypt-Jane for CPU centric mining.
  • No decimals, every CENT is a single, indivisible unit.
  • 1,000,000,000 total Proof of Work coins, no halving, no special blocks.
  • 1 Minute Block Targeting, 1 Week NFactor Retargetting, Progressive diff adjustment.
  • 7 Day Coin-Age for Proof of Stake Minting, full coin age after a fortnight. (experimental)